Exercise And Stay Healthy !!


Medical experts around the world are emphasizing exercise to stay healthy and avoid diseases. These experts say that modern facilities have not only made human life easier but also endangered human health. He is becoming more and more accustomed to living a luxurious life day by day, due to which he is suffering from very serious ailments.

Exercise is Necessary:

Modern lifestyle is also leading to obesity. Experts say that exercise not only saves from obesity. Rather, the limit in every part of age is that it keeps a person healthy even in old age. Exercise protects against many potential diseases and reduces the disadvantages of aging. People who exercise regularly live better lives than their peers in every age group.

Why we get Lazy Day by Day:

Children play and jump all the time, and never leave China. That’s why they not only look energetic. But also stay healthy. As children get older, they become lazy and lose the habit of playing and jumping. Man inflicts old age on himself, the way a machine is used. So it keeps moving but when you close it rusts.


In the same way, as long as a person walks, stays active, and stays healthy.

Guidance for exercise:
  • Guidance for exercise is also important. Especially for those who want to get rid of their obesity or make themselves physically enviable.
  • A normal healthy person can keep themselves healthy by walking, gardening, swimming or cycling, etc., but it is important not to adopt exercise temporarily.
  • Even if a walk is started, with the advice of a physician or a trained person, some people start walking in their middle age and not only get tired by covering a long distance in the beginning. Rather, they stiffen their legs due to the habit of not walking. Exercise should always start step by step.
  • If your doctor recommends a half-hour walk every day, follow it. But don’t make this walk a hassle, but enjoy the walk with a light mind.
  • You don’t have to take a half-hour walk every day. If you start to feel tired in fifteen to twenty minutes, stop walking. It is important for those who do not exercise for a long time to gradually increase their exercise time.
  • Experts say that if you take the following steps to exercise, it will not only keep you healthy and energetic. There will also be no possibility of physical harm.
  • Lean towards the feet and place both hands on the ground. Then stand up straight and repeat this process on the left. Be careful not to bend for two hours or bend your elbows. Try to keep the palms of the hands on the ground. This exercise is great for the stomach.
Variety Of Tips For Women To Get Rid Of Exercise Pain.

These exercises can be useful for people who want to reduce their bloated stomach.

Lie on your left side on the ground, and put your weight on your left elbow. Apply your right knee to the abdomen and now lift the left leg straight. Stretch your right hand to the right leg as far as possible, repeat this process three times on one side and then do the same on the other side.

Lie on your left side and put your weight on your left elbow and lift both your right leg and right hand upwards and feel the stretch. Then lie on your right side and raise your legs and arms.

Useful Exercises For Muscles:
  • This exercise is useful for abdominal muscles. Lie on the ground then try to sit with both arms and legs stretched.
  • Pull the toes and fingers of the hands in the same direction. Hold for two seconds then lie down, now stop again. Six on the left, then on the right,
  • Lie on your back on the ground, raise your head, and tie both arms forward. Now keep the shoulders straight. Lift both legs upwards. Also, lift your body a little higher. Lift the legs up and move them up and down. Even after a few days, you apply twice without legs. Shake them. This exercise is useful for blood. Although in the beginning, you will face a little difficult to do it.

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