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A common disease is simply a disease caused by excessive body heat and lack of moisture. Such patients usually drink less water.

Kidney Responsibility:

The function of the kidneys is to remove unwanted and waste products from the blood by mixing them with water through the bladder and urinary tract and to keep the blood free of germs and waste products.

  • When the kidneys become overheated due to the rapid growth of the liver, their system deteriorates.
  • The amount of water and moisture decreases, so if the kidneys do not complete their work, germs and impurities remain in the blood.
  • This irregular and toxic material seems to affect the joints of the body.
  • One of these irregular ingredients is uric acid.
  • Uric acid is a type of organic acid.
  • Excess uric acid in the human body is due to the low excretion of uric acid. The kidneys are responsible for eliminating uric acid.
  • The kidneys do not excrete uric acid and other irregular substances due to the malfunction of their system.

Kidney dysfunction causes urine to turn white like water. This is because the kidneys do not separate the waste products from the blood and send them to the bladder. Either the urine is reduced or the urine is stopped or the urine burns and turns yellow ink or the urine drips.

Healthy urine is medium yellow. Comes at least once a day and at most twice. The drop does not come at all after urinating. There is no irritation in the urine. The urine comes out at once. Later it doesn’t feel like there’s any urine left.

No matter how often you urinate, it never turns white. Drink as much water as you need, whether the weather is cold or hot. The color of the urine should be medium yellow.

When uric acid exceeds its normal levels in the body, it can cause joint pain, especially in small joints, and swelling and pain in the joints.

Cause of Uric Acid:

Uric acid is usually produced or formed at a rate of 10 mg per kilogram a day in healthy adults who eat a normal or mixed diet. Uric acid is also a common component of uric acid-containing kidney stones, urine, and uric acid particles. The excretion of uric acid from the human body is very important. Because it is not digested or becomes a component of the body. Eating protein, nitrogenous foods, after exercise, use of toxic drugs or cytotoxic drugs on the cell, gout in white blood cells/leukemia and acute rheumatism Its excretion is high, and its excretion has been observed during nephritis, chlorosis, toxic effects of lead, toxic effects of beryllium and protein-free foods. A disease caused by an increase in uric acid is called gout or Podegra or pain in small joints or glands.

For such a patient:

Cereals including wheat, corn, rice, and their products, corn flakes, dough or white double bread, leavened bread, arrowroot, sago, barley porridge, cake, honey, curd, milk and dairy products, eggs White, sugar, sugar, sweets, jelly tan, artificial butter margarine, vegetables especially turnips, pumpkins, pumpkins, tandoori, radishes, carrots, okra, cucumber, tray, radish, onion, coriander. Potatoes also include lychee, locust, strawberry, guava, fig, malt, canoe, pear, banana, melon, watermelon, etc.

Treatment of Uric Acid:

Patients with uric acid abuse should drink plenty of water and drink at least two to three liters of water daily. Because uric acid gets dissolved in water. So drinking more water will help in its excretion. But do not drink too much water immediately after eating. With more water, uric acid will not be able to settle in the kidneys, bladder, and tissues and will continue to be excreted. Exercise and bathing in the morning is the most successful treatment for uric acid.

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