Can you get sick from air conditioning?

This usually happens when the air conditioner is not cleaned every week. Do not clean its filters. Dust accumulates in the filters and germs begin to grow. For example, a specific bacterium, Legionella Pneumophila, breeds, and causes difficulty breathing. However, this problem occurs in people who are constantly sitting in air-conditioned rooms.

They complain of suffocation. Such people are also nervous when it comes to normal temperatures. These things are also a sign that these people have problems with the functions of the lungs, i.e. the respiratory system. Air conditioners do not stop at the same. If there are carpets and rugs in your home, then it is also important to do their professional cleaning and washing. Asthma or respiratory problems are more common in such people.

What Is The Real Cause Of Headaches?

It is important to consider the causes of persistent headaches. How is your general health Does anyone have an ego disorder or is it because of sitting in the AC? Everyone understands the answers to these questions from their own condition, and has knowledge about them.

Some people also feel pain in the body when the ceiling fan is running. In many homes, people turn off the ceiling fans in the morning. They say that the cause of spasms and pain in the body can be artificial air and cooling. In medical parlance, these symptoms are called Sick Building Syndrome. These problems arise in a room or house where the air circulation is not normal, the house is exposed to sunlight and the house is not airy.

Why Do People With Colds Wear Masks?

Their body temperature rises above normal. There is also a mild fever. Such people sit in an AC room, so they should wear masks. So that airborne allergens do not spread to others.

Why Are Hair And Skin Dry?

If you suffer from dry skin and hair at an early age, take a look at your routine.

Focus on your diet, general health, and lifestyle. Even after a balanced diet and a better lifestyle, if you still have these complaints, consider staying up late in an AC room. Could it be the cause or not? Make it a habit for such people, especially women, to drink more water. Be sure to use moisturizing creams, and eat healthy foods. It is useful to run the AC only when needed.

What Is Hypothermia?

Some people wear blankets even in summer. Since the AC in their rooms runs between 17 and 22 degrees. The human body cannot withstand any extreme weather, so if the room gets too cold, a blanket or blanket has to be covered. In addition, the human body can easily tolerate temperatures ranging from 23 to 39 degrees. It is called Human Body Tolerance.

When we run the AC between 17 and 22 degrees, it starts the process of hypothermia in the body. Sweating is also harmful to health, which prevents the body from excreting toxins and leads to skin diseases, itching, and high blood pressure.

What Should Be The Temperature Of The Air Conditioner?

After studying this article, it should be concluded that this invention of science has only harmful effects and it is harmful. It should not be used.


The purpose of this article is to make you aware of its proper use. Keep your air conditioner between 16 and 26 degrees, and also run the fan very lightly. This process will keep your body temperature under control, as well as save electricity.

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