Back Pain And Its Treatment


Working harder increases the pain. Constipation increases its frequency, and sometimes constipation can also cause it. Often this is due to the weakness of the lumbar muscles, and thus this pain especially affects women who give birth to more children or breastfeed for a longer period of time.

Back Pain:

One of the most common complaints in women is back pain. It is usually not severe, but persistent mild pain can be very annoying. Lying down all the time and not doing any work. This paves the way for pain. Light exercise reduces its severity, but strenuous exercise is harmful. Kidney stones are also one of the causes. Sometimes drinking too little water increases the acidity in the urine, and there seems to be back pain. Men can also suffer from back pain, and this is usually due to poor health, frequent sexual intercourse, kidney stones, back muscle spasm, or back injury. Some other diseases of the muscles and skin also cause back pain.


Use two tablets of aspirin after meals and at bedtime. After two days, reduce the amount of aspirin and take one pill, and continue to use it until you feel comfortable. If you have a hot water tap in your house, stand in a state of bowing and drop the hot water on your back, and put the full weight of your body on your knees. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. This reduces the pain. Try to find the cause of the back pain, and if possible, take appropriate measures. If you are weak, try to restore physical strength. Light exercise is useful. Drink plenty of water. If home remedies fail, consult a doctor.

Muscle Pain:

Muscle soreness usually occurs after strenuous exercise. Injuries can also cause muscle soreness, especially if the affected person is not accustomed to exercise. Psychological factors play an important role in muscle pain, people who suffer from psychological disorders all the time. Their muscles are also tense. Tension causes muscles to become tired and painful. Many diseases such as fever, TB, and joint pain can also be caused by muscle pain. Sometimes there is a muscle ache due to a food allergy. Men are more prone to muscle pain than women. This pain usually occurs in the muscles of the shoulder, neck, lower back or buttocks, or in the muscles of the arms or legs after exercise.


Complete rest is a basic need. Take two tablets of aspirin every six hours. Bathing in warm water is refreshing. Soaking a towel in warm water and placing it on the affected muscle reduces the severity of the pain. The water should be warm enough for your body to tolerate. After every five minutes, soak the towel in fresh warm water and lightly massage it by placing a pillow under the affected muscle. If the cause of the pain is known, then try to eliminate it. If you suffer from mental stress, use one or two tablets of logical or stalazine.

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