How To Clean The Ear?


If you often have a habit of wiping your ears with cotton swabs or anything, think again. Because cleaning like this is far from reversing you are damaging your ears. And your hearing is affected, and in some cases, long-term cleaning of the ears may deprive you of hearing.

You must know that the narrow ear canal is not made to hold various things. Of course, cleaning is a virtue, but there must also be a way to clean. The slightest tingling in your ears (earwax) cannot cause ear damage because it is a natural thing, and is useful for some purposes.

Surely you are wondering what those goals might be?

So in the past, sir, the same rub was used to keeping the lips soft and as an ointment on open wounds. According to a recent study, it can do a lot more. It shows an increase in contaminated chemicals in the body, and can also be used to diagnose certain medical conditions. And it tells a lot about you. I don’t mean your personal hygiene here.

Here is some information that may be of interest to you:

A natural protective shield:

One of the benefits of earwax is to keep its ears moist. Just like tears keep the eyes moist. The wax/wax in the mucous membrane keeps your ears away from the feeling of dryness or itching.

They keep your ears (relatively) clean.

Wax or wax formed in the ears is a combination of oily lubrication and dead skin cells. With it, the dirt and dust get trapped in the wax before entering the ears. But the interesting part of it is, that it does not keep the dust inside. Rather it turns out by cleaning. The normal movements of our mouth during eating and talking push out the wax/wax present in the ear. There is no need to clean with cotton.

Pollution identification:

Mumps, like other substances excreted from the body, can detect toxic substances in the body, such as heavy metals, but this is not a good place to identify them, and more reliable than a normal blood test.

Earwax And Body Odor:

Some people develop a mucous membrane that dries out in the ear. If it is white and peeling. So presumably this means, that your sweat lacks a certain chemical component, which causes your body to smell. While there is dark and sticky pus, this means you should keep a small deodorant. But even after that, you will probably smell yourself, you will still feel the same smell.

Stress or fear can increase the production of mucus.

The apocrine glands in your ear or the glands that help expel the wax. The odors in your sweat are also responsible. According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, the way stress, fear, and other intense emotional reactions cause sweating (and bad breath). In the same way, the production of mucus may also increase.

Ethnic differences in air wax or mumps.

Different types of mumps are produced in Asians and non-Asians. According to researchers at the Monel Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, the chemical constituents in sweat-like mucus vary from generation to generation, and odor-producing molecules are more prevalent in cats than in East Asians.

Avoid air candles:

If we are not cleaning the ears with cotton, then burning air candles or candles in the ears is considered an effective and safe method of ear cleaning, which is not at all accurate. If you find it unreasonable to clean my ears like this, please know about these air candles or ear candles (yes there are such candles).


Experts say that if you are really worried about cleaning your ears, clean your ears by pouring a little warm water every other day. That water usually provides adequate heating to heat and remove the wax present in the ear.

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