How To Get Rid Of Pimples


Nowadays we judge people’s beauty by their faces. Because we like physical beauty. No matter how black we are on the inside, we try to make our faces beautiful and become the center of attention. Nowadays, two or four young people are getting old with the same problems while sitting at home. Because nowadays people want a model in the form of a wife as well as a money machine.

Some people use such things to make their face the center of attention, that they are unable to show their face and spoil their face with various creams and lotions. Nail disease in our society nowadays, acne is very common, which is very disturbing to the younger generation. It is a skin disease, which mostly affects the younger generation i.e. girls. But various diseases can occur in any part of life. As we know, our body consists of dependent cells. Which perform various functions head in the body.

Why Our Face Get Dull:

Our daily diet, various antibiotic medicines, environmental pollution, and poor water causes skin cell death, which causes our face to wither. Usually, these appear in the days of puberty. It is made up of skin hormones, skin oils, bacteria, and fatty acids. There are many reasons for this to happen. Sometimes internal diseases also cause different types of blemishes on the face, but instead of looking at internal diseases, we start adopting different methods on the face, which causes more and more instead of healing. Because the effects of any disease move from the inside out.


Here are some of the reasons:

In women due to menstrual problems, constant exposure to clothing or something harsh, air pollution or climate change, depression, overuse of antibiotics, infections, use of poor creams, contaminated water, these grains are very important in our lives. Contain. Because they are on our faces, and there are different types of them, some of which are as follows.

  • Black-faced, their mouths are open.
  • Those with white mouths, their mouths are closed.
  • Popular, it is small scarlet and feels sore from touching them.
  • So, they have backs and the tip is small.
  • Nodules, are under the skin and are very large and painful.
  • Stress, it is full of back and very large size.
Our Diet And Lifestyle:

We can protect ourselves from them by changing our daily activities. But for that, we have to change our diet and lifestyle. Take care of your body’s needs. If for some reason we get this disease, then with a little care and a little caution we can protect ourselves from it. Protect the affected area from the water. Avoid using hotter and colder water. Do not try to clean these grains by hand.

Apple Cider Niger:

Its use is very useful for the face. Because it has so much power, that it can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Zinc supplement:

Its greatest feature is that it strengthens cell growth, hormone production, and our immune system, which solves many internal problems along with our skin and face.

Orange Juice:

The use of orange juice on an empty stomach in the morning restores the freshness of our face, and also protects us from many diseases.

Honey and Cinnamon Paste:

The use of honey and cinnamon paste refreshes the face. Because it is an antioxidant, which also protects against many types of skin diseases.

Aloe Vera With Cream:

Mixing aloe Vera with cream and using it protects against many skin diseases such as acne, irritation, and various scars in children.

Night Sleep:

Reduce stress as much as possible and get a good night’s sleep which strengthens the immune system.


Make exercise your life’s pursuit. This is because after exercise the sweat pores open the skin pores, and the dead cells are easily eliminated from the body. Let us maximize the use of water in our daily needs.


Our skin is indebted to them, when the skin cells die before the appointed time. So they stop on the way because they do not complete their movement and together with the oil glands close the pores of the skin, which causes various skin infections and skin diseases.

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