Apples Are an Invaluable Gift of Nature


The apple is a famous fruit, the tree is 28 to 30 feet tall. Apple trees have white flowers, which have red spots. The color of the apple is green, red, or yellow, the raw fruit is sour or dull, which becomes sweet after ripening. Sour apples are harmful to the chest and muscles, and overuse can lead to lethargy and forgetfulness.

Date of Apple:

Apples are very healthy food and powerful medicine. Because of its virtues, it is called the fruit of innumerable virtues. A typical apple has about 100 calories. Apples are mentioned in ancient religious books and songs. Stone Age photographs have been discovered. There are pictures of apples engraved on them. According to the Columbia Encyclopedia and the World Book Encyclopedia, the fruit that Adam and Eve were expelled from heaven for eating was also an apple.

Import of Apple Fruit:

It was first born in the world at a place called Kiss between the Dead Sea and the Caspian Sea. The Romans took its seeds to Britain. In 1269, a plant was taken from Britain to the United States. Today it is produced in all these parts of the world. Where there is neither too much cold, nor too much heat. Its productivity has soared since World War II. It is most commonly produced in France, Germany, Italy, and the United States. Its annual trade in the world is about 40 million manats. Italy exports the most, and West Germany imports the most.

Type of Apples:

Apple is a fruit that is available in the market all year round. The merchants put the apples in the head office at harvest time, and then sell them all year round. The temperature of the cold storage is kept near freezing point 28.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are also hundreds of varieties of apples. So far, about 1,500 varieties of apples have been observed by experts. In a small region of Kashmir alone, about 50 varieties of apples are grown, which differ greatly in size, taste, and color.


Fresh apples contain 84% water, and the rest solid. It contains mostly sugar and protein. Apples also contain Malic acid, which is found in different proportions in different apples. Phosphorus in apples is found in greater amounts than all other fruits and vegetables. Peeling an apple is like throwing away a very valuable apple. Recent research has shown that vitamin C is found in apple peel in very bad amounts. Therefore, in order to fully benefit from the many benefits of apples, it is important to peel them. Rather it should be used as a valuable ingredient.

Use of Apple in Daily Routine:

Apples are very healthy food and very powerful medicine. With its regular use, four moons go-to health and youth. If milk is drunk after eating three or four apples a day, then health becomes enviable in a couple of months. The color of the skin is radiant. There is a wave of headlines on the face.

Apple peel makes a very tasty and fragrant tea, which has been found to be extremely healthy instead of being as harmful as ordinary tea, coffee, and coffee. The effect has been recognized to be very strong, especially for the elderly and the weak. If lemon juice and honey are mixed in it as required and to taste, then the healthy ingredients are tripled.

Sweet Apple:

It is refreshing and nutritious. Strengthens the stomach and liver. Increases the production of blood in the body. Its use removes the dominance of horror and commercialism.

Sour Apples:

Sweet apples have these properties. Sour apples also have those properties. Their area relieves vomiting and thirst and is suitable for people with biliary mood. It also stops the bile ducts.

Sour and Sweet Apples:

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Also useful for bloody mood. Apples are a very useful food and medicine for many diseases of the human body.


All the weaknesses of the organs of the head are removed and a new life spirit is embedded in them. In a nutshell, this diet has all the benefits that are found in advertisements for expensive drugs, But which are not actually obtained from any medicine.

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