Hemorrhoids and Its Causes


Water is an invaluable gift from nature, but nowadays water use is very low. Because our tongues like things that taste good, and instead of water we use more cold drinks and at the same time we are using more chit-patty things in our diet. Which causes many diseases along with our stomach. When we suffer from these foods for a long time, then the amount of acid in our stomach increases, which leads to stomach ulcers, constipation, and many dangerous diseases.

One internal and the other external. Internal swelling is more dangerous than external swelling, which is two to four centimeters inside the anus. And external hemorrhoids are swollen at the edges of the anus. Pressure on the anus injures the blood vessels, causing swelling in the anal canal, which causes hemorrhoids.

The pressure of the blood vessels on the anus is due to the following reasons.
  • Secondary constipation
  • Secondary cholera
  • By doing heavy lifting work
  • During pregnancy, excessive use of caffeine
  • By sitting and working for a long time
Types of Internal Hemorrhoids:

In addition, due to racial and age, i.e. in the age group of fifty years, due to physical weakness, various systems of the body do not function properly, which leads to gastrointestinal problems, which Hemorrhoids gradually grow. As we know, there are two types of hemorrhoids. External types of hemorrhoids become blood clots on the edges of the anus, which causes swelling at the edges of the anus. It should be treated immediately.

Similarly, there are four different types of internal hemorrhoids. The first condition is mild swelling, which disappears on its own after a few days. The second condition is slightly higher than the first, but it also occurs inside the anus, and occasionally comes out of the stool, so it goes away easily and without discomfort. While the third condition is a bit special. It becomes a bunch of ducts, which seem to hang out of the anus. In common parlance, it is also called anal discharge.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids:

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are often not so special that we do not feel them. Because of the change in our food and drink, which gets better over time. But for most people, it is very special.

The symptoms are as follows, Feeling of stiffness and pain around the anus, i.e. heaviness despite defecation, red blood with or after defecation, itching around the anus, redness and burning, feeling of pain while defecating. These are common symptoms of hemorrhoids. If they are not treated immediately, it becomes a secondary condition, which causes more diseases, in which there is constant bleeding from the anus, which later causes anemia in the body.


Different types of rashes and internal infections are more likely to occur. Stopping the blood supply to the anus, because of blood clots. To identify hemorrhoids, consult your doctor, who will prescribe the best treatment for the patient, keeping in mind the above symptoms? But at the same time, we must take special care of our diet. And make it a habit to include mostly vegetables and fruits in your diet.

The use of tea tree oil is also very useful for hemorrhoids. Aloe vera is also great for reducing inflammation. The use of apple cider vinegar gives relief from itching and pain. At the same time, it is important for us to use water in our diet. Your diet should be balanced, and make daily exercise your routine. Homeopathic medicines are formulated in a special way, and this treatment is reciprocal. In this case, the patient chooses the medicine or pronoun for the combination of symptoms. Hummels, Retina, Graphites Ornix are Omeka homeopathic remedies.

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