What will happen during depression?


Depression is considered a common word nowadays. In everyday life, you hear it mentioned from every little big. If anyone is really depressed. So know this is the silent killer. In fact, it is a mental condition, which we can also call Mood Disorder. Whenever we are frustrated or depressed, the following symptoms may occur. These symptoms usually go away in a week or two. So it turns into depression.

How does depression feel?

The severity of the illness is so high, the severity of the depression more than the general sadness that we all feel from time to time. It is much deeper and more painful. Its duration is much longer than normal sadness and lasts for months. Not everyone has the same symptoms.

What is Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder?

People who have severe depression. About 10% of them have seizures, some of whom look very happy or some of them cry. Some people work too much out of normalcy and don’t get tired. Or some people get tired of hearing the name of the work. This rapid visit is called Manic. And the disease is called Disorder Bipolar. The disease occurs equally in men and women. It is also hereditary, more common in some families.

Is Depression Another Name for Personal Weakness?

The way diabetes, blood pressure are diseases. Similarly, depression is a disease, which is treatable. This disease can happen to any human being and can happen anytime. No matter how strong a person may be, the way a person is treated for common ailments. It also requires treatment, not ridicule.

Help yourself to depression.

Don’t keep your emotional state a secret if you hear bad news. So be sure to share it with a close friend or relative. Repeatedly repeating the words of grief from someone close to them reduces their intensity or one of the solutions is that crying makes the heartache. Talking to a loved one reduces the burden on the heart. Keep reminding yourself. The experience you are going through. People have gone through this too. One day your depression will go away. Even if it doesn’t seem possible right now.

Physical Work or Exercise:

Someone should keep exercising. Even if it’s a half-hour walk. Exercise also improves a person’s physical health and improves sleep. Keep yourself busy anyway. Even if you are busy with some household chores. This protects the person from painful thoughts. Exercising regularly helps treat depression. It not only stimulates the development of new brain cells and connections, which we call anti-depressants. Even a half-hour walk a day makes a big difference.

Environmental Factors:

Violent neglect, abuse, and poverty make some people victims. Not getting a job, breaking up a relationship.

Social Relations:

Strong social networks reduce loneliness, which is a major cause of depression. Stay in touch with friends and family. Join a class or group. Pleasure services are a great way to get social help and help others, which is actually helping yourself. For peace of mind and body.


If you have no underlying cause of depression symptoms. So talk therapy is a very successful and effective treatment, which gives you the skills and insight to feel better. It also prevents depression from recurring. Rejects negative thinking. Coping teaches the techniques to combat depression, which helps to know the cause of depression and overcome it. Teaches you, how you can stay healthy. Counseling is the best example of this.

Medication Treatment:

The main treatment for depression is medication. There are many myths about the use of Antidepressant Medicines. It is important to keep these medications in moderation when needed. Otherwise, be discontinued or reduced on the advice of a doctor. Your doctor may also prescribe medication along with psychiatric treatment. There is no harm in taking these medicines. But according to the doctor’s instructions, this food becomes necessary in more severe mental stress. It can be given mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, drugs, and anti-depressant medication.


The majority of people with depression can overcome it with diagnosis and treatment. If you suffer from any kind of depression. Be sure to consult your doctor. Talk about your concerns. It is important to maintain mental health, be careful, love life.

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