Infertility Is A Major Problem In Modern Times.


Some married couples lose children. Through this article, they will be able to get useful information about the causes of their deprivation and their treatment. Married couples have a heartfelt desire to have a child at home. Some couples achieve success soon after marriage. While some other couples take many years to become parents. These couples become frustrated with not having children, and women try all kinds of home remedies and treatments to become mothers. The way they act is always the same.

First of all, these people try to cure themselves. Consult your friends, and learn about methods of sexual intercourse, etc. and use so-called indigenous medicine to increase strength.

Reason of Infertility:

Infertility is not a problem that starts only after marriage. The reasons for this vary. And it is important to understand that good health is the result of eating healthy and good food for many years and living in healthy conditions. Some factors are at the discretion of man, but some other factors need to be understood with more attention.

In addition to the professional difficulties in which we breathe air. Many of the pollutants present in it also have harmful effects. Many childhood illnesses, such as mumps, cause permanent damage to the feet.

Causes Of Infertility In Men:

  • Any recent illness
  • Medical history
  • Mumps, a sexually transmitted disease
  • Surgical history
  • Foot surgery, hernia operation
  • Profession
  • Working in extreme heat or in a toxic atmosphere
  • Medications (chemotherapy)
  • Smoking
Age Factor Greatly Interferes In the Sub-Infertility Of Women:

Increasing age reduces the chances of fertility in women. Also, the chances of successful treatment are reduced. Even in a relatively young woman, a decrease in ovarian reserve will lead to a decrease in natural fertility. It is important to consider the natural consequences of pregnancy. Ninety percent of women should become pregnant within a year of marriage.

After a period of two years, this rate becomes ninety-five percent. No treatment should be given for fertility during this period. Because delay in pregnancy is just a coincidence. Fertility in such couples is lower than normal, but they are not infertile. Thus, five to ten percent of such couples seek medical advice due to delayed pregnancy. Such couples should be medically investigated without delay, and they should be referred to specialists soon.

Sowing Compassionately:

In this case, the chances of getting pregnant during a natural menstrual cycle will be less than 33%. Success in treating infertility will decrease.

It causes anger, frustration, and sadness. It is important that the couple be supported on this occasion. Repeated treatment improves the chances of pregnancy. At least 20% of women who go to a fertility clinic will have an ovulation problem. Hormone therapy can be used to improve ovulation. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) methods can be used to overcome many important issues. For example, premature ejaculation in men, sexual weakness or physical defects, etc.

Prolonged Infertility:

In advanced specialized clinics where infertility is treated, many more advanced methods are used to increase the chances of pregnancy. It depends on many factors, whether a woman gives birth to a living child. The age of a woman is very important in this.


Younger women are more likely to become mothers. In women up to the age of thirty, the rate is about thirty percent, but in women over forty, the rate drops to only ten percent. In women who have already become mothers or who have already given birth through the use of IVF. There is a greater chance of becoming a mother through IVF treatment. In case of prolonged infertility, the birth rate of live children is low. Whatever the age of the woman.

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