How To Spend Winter


Readers! As soon as the cold season begins, various diseases follow us. Children, the elderly, and the frail are particularly affected by these diseases. Most suffer from colds, flu, sore throats, skin rashes, coughs, respiratory illnesses, and many other minor ailments.

How to Treat Children in Winters:

Children often suffer from colds, fevers, and sore throats. Try to get young children to use warm clothes to protect them from the cold. Bathe them with lukewarm water whenever you bathe them. If God willing, they become ill, consult your nearest doctor immediately. So that the child can be treated in a timely manner. If not treated in time, the child may develop pneumonia, a life-threatening illness.

Adults who go out for work should cover their face and nose. To protect from cold winds, fog, and smog. Failure to do so can lead to throat and respiratory diseases. Whenever you come out, be sure to clean your face with water. Remember, that in cold weather soap reduces skin moisture. So use a face wash to wash your face in winter. Be sure to sit in the sun, but protect your face from the sun. Women in particular need caution.

Women Face Problems in Winters:

In winter women often have skin problems. The skin of their face is affected or the heels of their hands and feet are cracked. Therefore, it is important for women to protect their skin. Because their skin is delicate, but the importance of skin protection in cold weather increases even more. So be sure to use a good winter lotion and cold cream on your face, hands, and feet in winter.

If you can’t buy lotions etc., then buy petroleum jelly from any medical store in the market, and use it. Gently massage the lotion on the face. In severe cold, wash the skin with lukewarm water.

Winter And Safety Measures:

Do not use oily and poultry foods in winter. So that they can be protected from nails. Be sure to use water even in cold weather. In order to keep your skin fresh and not dry. Increase the consumption of fresh fruit juices and vegetables in the winter season. Mix carrot and beetroot juice in the morning for the freshness and beauty of the skin. Use winter milk. It is beneficial not only for your skin but also for your hair. For the beauty of the hands, apply almond juice on the hands while sleeping at night. Also, mix glycerin in lemon juice and apply it on hands and face two to three times a day after washing hands. It keeps the skin fresh and beautiful.

 Diet use in Winters:

Fruits are used in winter, but if chickpeas are eaten, the body gets warm. Eggs can also be boiled and eaten. Also, use decoction in case of cold and flu. The use of honey and ginger in winter is also useful. It reduces the irritation and inflammation of the throat. Rose liqueur also retains facial moisture. Use the top of the milk on the lips in winter. This causes the lips to turn pink, and one thing to keep in mind is not to move the tongue over the lips. This makes the lips black. In summer we bathe several times but in winter it becomes difficult to bathe or we do not bathe for fear of catching a cold or pneumonia.

It is important to take a bath with lukewarm water once or twice a week in winter, this will keep you healthy and also protect you from many diseases. Cough also occurs in winter, so it is important to avoid milk, fried foods, sour and sweet foods and increase water intake and consult your doctor as soon as possible.


We should take precautionary measures at the beginning of winter. So that we are safe from the severity of this weather and do not get sick. If you take precautionary measures to avoid the cold, then you can take full advantage of this season.

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